Internally saved iLogic code has a place, and can save your butt. Recently a reader asked me about the old Bevel Gear Generator I made, that was backed up to an iLogic form and rules. My team subsequently asked me to knock the dust off the project and finish the iLogic work and the machine project we were working on at the time (meaning the Ops Director told me to do it since I was slacking so much around here).

Saving Externally for Sharing and Reuse

I got in the habit of saving all my forms and rules externally. I had it all available for sharing and reuse, and found this to be convenient, until I archived the office for a new computer setup. I didn’t unpack all the data, and left some on the archive drive. After two years, I had forgotten where it was, and what it was. I had to start rummaging through old design file data to give me clues to where my code went.

Searching For the Archived iLogic Rules and Forms

So I opened the archived bevel gear project only to find the basic gear geometries and parameters with no iLogic rules, and a basic form that had been archived separately. It seemed like I had done a lot more work than that. It wasn’t until this week I decided to open the milling machine project that we had ported the generator to, whereupon I was alerted to a couple iLogic errors. After more investigation I found all my old research along with the internally saved iLogic code and the updated forms too. So cool!!!

Internally Saved iLogic Code and Inventor Bevel Gear Generator

Internally Saved iLogic Code

The trick was that I had been smart enough to save the specific iLogic rules locally with the part file, and when I recovered the project, all my work was attached and functional. There is a lot of benefit to saving some forms and code externally to be shared, like our Assembly to Drawing Set generator for example. However when the code is specific to a project, internally saved iLogic code binds the forms and rules within the parts they pertain to. Not only does it keep things paired together, it can help you remember where you were with your coding after a long break. It saved my butt.