Autodesk Inventor RAL Library

LOTS of people have to use RAL colours during their design process on a daily basis. However, due to licensing rights, Autodesk can’t provide them out of the box. But that doesn’t stop you from being able to create your own as and when you need them. BUT. The power of the Internet and staggering CAD community has come to the rescue, Tobias Zetterberg has hooked us all up like a true champ. He’s only gone and created a substantial Autodesk Inventor appearance library with a solid whack of RAL colours! It appears the entire list as defined on Wikipedia is in this digital nugget of awesomeness. Well done Tobias! If you download and use this, make sure you let him know on the forum and hook the man up with some Kudos! Also some credit goes to Paul Munford for sharing the post on Twitter in the first place.

There are some issues with the Zip file on the forum, so I’ve hosted a copy of the file on our server.

If you need to know how to load up, or make use of these appearance assets, then you can refer to these posts I’ve written in the past:

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How do I deal with style differences in Autodesk Inventor?

Edit: In addition, the Inventor Wizard has provided 3 different RAL library variations, Generic, Metallic High Gloss, Metallic Matte.