This will be a busy Fall season. I have three new projects cooking, one of which will be quite an endeavor. This weekend starts a new Photofly model to design project that should prove to be a little sweat and a lot of fun. I’ll let the cat out of the bag later.

imageIn the mean time I am relaxing with a few hours here and there noodling with an Inventor design. Yes, this is my get-a-way, sad but true. I’m back working on the gearbox design and placement. I’ve decided that I want the gearbox to slide out as a cartridge, and am using a layout skeleton assembly to work out the details of placement. Once I get a rough Idea how the motors will sit in relation to the cartridge, then I can begin developing the hard internal gear components.

I think the reality is that I’m happy to optimize the drive placement and avoid the true design challenge here, which is the tool changing features. As the bigger projects take hold I’ll be inundated with far more important challenges, and the tool changing capabilities will have to wait.  Smile