Autodesk Inventor allows some pretty cool interaction between it’s features.  One example of this is a Sketch Plane. That is the plane that a 2D Sketch was created on. 



The 2D sketch can referenced for its base plane in any case where a planar reference is needed. Just pick the sketch instead of the plane.  This works in the Model Browser as well. This is super convenient when your base plane has been consumed by something, or visibility is off, and will take time to find.


You will not be able to project or otherwise use any new Work Feature, etc in the sketch you selected as the planar reference. The reason is that the new feature is tied in history AFTER and subsequent to the sketch, because the sketch was referenced, not the plane.  To avoid this you will need to dig up the sketch’s reference plane, and use that instead.

Using the 2D Sketch is a convenient method for projections and references.  Just remember when to use the sketch vs. when to dig for the referenced plane.