I’m not sure about you guys but when I’m modelling using the multi-body technique I rename all of the bodies with the part number and description. Since most company numbering standards would result in the majority of the part number being the same across all the bodies in the model a lot of the number is repeated for each body. Its not a big deal really, but there is an alternative which offers some advantages at a later date if you ever copy the model out for a variation of the design.Hidden away in the document settings are some ‘Make Component‘ options. In here you have the option to set Part & Assembly file name prefix & suffixes.

Figure 1. Browse to the Tools tab > Options panel > Document Settings > Modelling Tab then click ‘Options’ under Make Components Dialogue

Tick the Prefix box and type in the section of the body name which is common across all the bodies in this file. Then when you run the ‘Make Components’ command Inventor will automatically add this prefix to the filename of each part file saved.

Figure 2. Multi Body names with no prefix set in the Documents settings.

Figure 3. Once a prefix has been added in Document Settings there’s no need for the first part of the name in the browser.

As you can see it tidies up the browser nodes by shortening the name to what’s relevant within this file. The clincher for using this method though is when it comes to copying & reusing this file and maybe its related dataset at some point in the future. Odds are it will be for a different project or a different part of the same project, therefore its highly likely the prefixed section of the part number will have changed. Using a prefix means you don’t have to go through and manually rename each of the bodies in the browser, but instead just change it once within the documents settings. In addition the browser nodes referencing the bodies from this file in its child files won’t show incorrect part numbers and instead will just show the simplified description shown in figure 3 above.