Inventor Sheetmetal Corner Seams

A while ago I did a series of posts on Inventor Sheetmetal, including a specific “deep dive” into using Corner Seams. I ran into a scenario the other day that at first had me stumped, but when I remembered the power of the Corner Seam, the challenge proved to be a piece of cake for Inventor!

Here’s a simplified version of the scenario. The part was created within the context of an assembly and disjointed sheetmetal faces were established to create the basis of the part.

Inventor Corner Seams Scenario

The problem is that because of how the faces overlap you can not use the Bend to connect the faces. This is where the Corner Seams saves the day. It “preps” the edges for the application of the bends.

Inventor Corner Seams Prep

With the Corner Seam applied, the Bend now works between the edges. This completes the part

Inventor Corner Seams Apply the Bend

A short post, but hopefully helps someone else struggling in the same scenario.




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