Its been a while since my last post. I apologise, but my summer break was spent doing as little as possible and it was brilliant. However, since I still haven’t won the lotto I have had to start back at work and another year begins. Thankfully it’s going to be a corker. Lots of exciting stuff coming out this year, and a few cool projects to get done.

Anyway this morning I saw a recent post by Mark Randa on his Open Design Project website. It reminded me of a cool tip I have used before when trying to create a few sneaky ray traced screen shots. Sometimes you just can’t fit everything you want into that perspective view, in the same way you can when in Orthographic mode. However, Orthographic mode will often have a wall or part in the way at the zoom level you desire. Well it turns out you can adjust the lense angle of the perspective camera. Just hold down the Shift+Ctrl keys while using the zoom command. Thats not the zoom on your mouse wheel, but the actual command. Check out the video below.

Plus if you don’t know, while using the orbit command you can reset the view rotation center by point the cross hairs at the object you want to rotate around and left click. You should see the picture on the screen adjust subtly, they camera while now orbit around that orbit nicely instead of flying off the screen.

I hope these are of some help.