Ok.  The interface is nice.  I have had the pleasure for years of using a context based interface in Inventor.  Civil 3D had had a slow migration of this in some parts of the application as well.  There are times when, no matter how nice the interface is, you just can’t find something.

Here’s a good example.  The edit menu->FIND.  I used this a great deal to search and replace information.  I use some * and keywords to index things in borders and text paragraphs when I don’t want sheet sets.  Find will replace the keywords at the tail end of the job, when I have more information.

It’s not there.  What gives.  Here is a nice help feature to get you going.

Where Is My Command?


Go to help, and in the huge list of options (apparently they were prepared for a lot of questions…. I wonder, maybe they checked out the forums.

To the Right is “Where is my command?”.  Select this, and the following panel will appear.


The list of menu options in 2009 are displayed, so you can select the menu you were accustomed to finding things in. I selected edit, and ….


It just keeps getting better and better.  I’ll have my work cut out for me adding Ribbon Panel.  Hell, If the industry wanted to type, why is it pushing ribbons?

Anyway, the “Where is my command?” feature is a nice way to look for something specific.  If you are looking for something, remember the Ribbon is set up in a logical format.  Once Logic runs out, Shoot over to this help feature.