Continuing with my series on Vault UI inconsistencies I’m going to show you guys something one of my staff asked me about. These are always the best, since they truly represent what the end user expects from an intuitive standpoint with very little bias. Within the Vault Client if you want to create a New Folder you often intuitively want to right click on the explorer pane, as you would within Windows Explorer. However, with Vault, you have to right click on the ‘parent to be’ folder then select New Folder from there. Anyway, its a very simple one so here are the two screen captures:

No 'New Folder' option when you Right Click on the Explorer Background

There's no 'New Folder' option in the Explorer Context menu when you RMB on a Folder

You have to Right Click on the 'Parent to be' folder node in the browser

I think Autodesk’s intent was for User to click on the ‘New’ button on the toolbar:

The 'New' button works as you would expect