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#3 Classes

There is no better way to get a variety of information about Autodesk products than at Autodesk University.

The Vast Quantity

There are so many classes.  Have you loked at the list.  Turn off the filters you use on the AU site, and print a complete list.  Just the amount in 1 Industry is immense.  If you are really seirous about AU, you can spend hours going through the class agenda trying to cram everythig in.

Variety and Selection

I wish I had the headaches I caused myself last year, deciding what should go, and what should stay.  I had this HUGE lsit of what to attend, and I couldn’t do it all!!! The AU website is designed to filter out what you don’t want, and place a priority on what you do want.  If a class is unavailable, the tagged class goes in a list waiting for availability, based on the priority you select.  Autodesk really has done a pretty nice job on the selection process.  People are always shuffling classes, so availability changes constantly.  However, those good power track classes fill up quick, so you’d better get them just as fast as you can.  You may have seen me last year.  I was the guy who was running from the chow hall to get upstairs because I had overlapped classes because I couldn’t decide between my favorite instructors.  Multi Industry attendance is tough.  If you don’t think you can pull it off, send me a ticket and I’ll show you how.

Go and look at the ratings on last year’s classes.  Classes this year from the same instructors are likely to be really good.  Really read the descriptions of what you are considering.  Those descriptions are designed to give you a good idea of what to expect.


I have a good grasp on 1 industry, and a fair grasp on the other, so I focused my agenda based on Advanced classes, Certifications, and Autodesk Usability meetings.  My head was just jammed with information.  At the end of each day, I was beat.  I remember reviewing my notes from the day, and finding that I had forgotten the classes I had that morning, because so much happened since lunch.

The more planning and research you do now, the better the experience will be.  I planned and researched for HOURS last year(it was fun).  If my wife is the queen of Disney planning, then I’m the King of AU!  I’m quite sure there a those that surpass us at such events, but I haven’t met them yet…..

Upcoming topics to check back for are Instructors, Certifications, events, and other ……unmentionables. I have this huge grin on my face thinking about it……