This was a busy day.  I had a lot of people left to meet, and classes to attend.  I also had 2 Labs to cover.

Lackey job – Making the Grade session 2

First thing was the second session of the Making the Grade Lab.  Once again Ron Couillard did a fabulous job, especially since he had covered classes back to back, and then his booth last night.  An earlier cold was now causing his voice to break.  We just turned him up a bit, and he powered through.  Still pretty fun to rib him about it later in the evening.

Classes – Using Dynamic Simulation

SNC00142 I headed off to my next class, MA208-5 Using Dynamic Simulator to Prove Your Design by Rollin Godette. This was a pretty good class, describing transitioning forces on a moving lift.  We learned more about forces than joints, but did get some ideas about graphing the data, and testing results. I became interested in the instructor’s background so I headed off to lunch with him, instead of going to the AutoCAD subscription lunch.  We had a good chat, and parted ways.  I was scheduled to be in another of his classes, so we figured we’d continue later.

Lackey Job – Designed for Success

SNC00144 I needed to be at my Labs 25 minutes early, and by the time I found the location I was just at the mark.  I got to CV214-4L Designed for Success: Making Designs Look Magnificent by Adam Peter, as the assistants were decompressed the lesson files and were waiting on the attendees to arrive.  The focus on cleaning up a FG design was a good topic, well received, and the class went off without a hitch.  Adam Peter’s method of teaching seemed to do well with the class, as I evaluate it from an assistant’s point of view (my job was quite easy).  Another individual I will look forward to working with next year.


Mechanical Simulation

AU09_-_Sim_Class_Wed_2009-12-02_3-55-22_PM I did not want to miss his Lab.  I was pushing it to get there on time from my Lab job, and did not want to be the guy without a computer.  MA218-2L Mechanical Simulation With Autodesk Inventor Professional by Shakeel Mizra was a great class.  He delivered a problem that had to be solved, and walked us through the process, and included how to identify issues that were anomalies in the analysis process.  He gave away a half dozen of Younis’ book on Simulation, and I was one of the winners, thank you very much.  I spoke with Shakeel and his assistant’s briefly, and hurried on my way.  The lab assistant’s were Peter Maxfield, Hugh Henderson, Mickey Wakefield, Rickard Lindgren, and J.D. Mathers.  Unfortunately I was engrossed in the class and was not looking for people whom I really wanted to meet.  Rickard Lindgren put on a sweet class in 2007, and I wanted to thank him and chat a bit.  J.D. Mathers was another.  I didn’t know it, but Peter was teaching one of my classes tomorrow as well.


AUGI annual meeting

SNC00155 I’m not the biggest AUGI attendant.  I write the Civil 3D column, and try to support the group, but I have very limited time here a AU, and mean to make the best of it.  I however was requested to attend as a blogger, and felt a responsibility to show up.  Besides, they had it rigged so that you have to attend to get your AUGI glass in 2007.  I have collection, and don’t intend to miss a year.

Lynn Allen went up and got things going; they delivered wish lists, discussed important issues, and introduced the perspective new board members.  I will bring up a few that I have met along the way, wish to bring their names to the top of the list.

Donnie GladfelterMy new friend Donnie Gladfelter of Virginia.  Donny runs the CAD Geek blog.  Donny is talented, and has some really good ideas, a strong AEC foundation, and a great relationship with numerous industry leaders.  I think Donny will do a good job, and wish encourage you to consider voting for him.

Bill Adams of Australia.  Bill was a friendly guy, who was easy to approach and really seemed to believe in AUGI.  I don’t have a great deal of personal knowledge of Bill’s professional qualifications, but based on what I do know, I think he will do his best to keep AUGI as a solid resource for the community.

David Harrington of Florida.  I know David as one of my editors on the AUGI World magazine.  He was a past president, and must love the organization to put so much time into it (I try to keep his on his toes).

Check my friends out and give them some time in consideration.  And VOTE.  The more people that care to vote, the better the organization will be.

Drinks over Dinner

SNC00163 …ok so it was dinner, and then a lot of drinks, but I didn’t want Autodesk to think I didn’t appreciate them.  I reeeeally appreciate them.

I met up with the folks from ImaginIt th
roughout the evening, and they were always good for a laugh, so I decided to check in before the event was over.  I had an agenda to meet everyone in the industries that I participate in. While difficult, it was not a complete washout.

Ron Couillard was still trying to get his voice back a the CADsoft booth; Angela was as beautiful as ever.  What?  I didn’t mention Angela?


You don’t think that line at nVidia was for the drawing do you?  Ha!  and yes I will try and get a picture with every pretty girl I meet.

Blogging got me introduced to some interesting people, including Robert Kross.  I can’t say it has treated me bad this year.



Then there are those you go see, just for the fun of it; it would not be AU without them.


Of course there are fun and games, including Jeopardy!  Autodesk had a merchandising booth.  I asked the ladies if they thought I could pull off that bike jersey…..”umm no”.


At some point in time I realized that I could not find half the people I was trying to meet.  Where are they all?  Oh C#@p…  the Design Slam is on!!!!  I was out the door!


Some poor guy I spotted on the way, was filling out his surveys.  That’s dedication, because if mine aren’t in by now, then they will have to wait.

The Solar Flair Design Slam!!!

Ok.  This description can’t really describe this event.  It was fun.  3 guys, 3 projects, 4 huge screens, a hot DJ, free beer, and some great techno.  Oh, and they only get 20 minutes to complete their project.


This was a fun event.  It ain’t blue man group, but it was great.  I am pretty sure I won’t miss another one.  The 3 gentlemen up there are Henry Goecke, Darren Blum, and Mark …???? Sorry Mark, I can’t remember your last name.  And by the way, it was not without substantial attempts at online review.  The information is not posted anywhere, neither Darren nor Mark. What gives?


Then there was the DJ.  This picture is actually a year old I think, but it was a nice one.  Daisy O’Dell is a world renowned DJ, and unless you are reading this via Braille, then it should be obvious she is hot!!


I can’t say getting a nice hug from Daisy was the best moment of today…It was a big day.  But if AU was a sundae, that hug was the cherry on top!


Henry Geoke and his Solar powered lawnmower won the contest.  They asked each person about their design, and then we all headed back to the main event.  I caught up with Alex G., Warren, Scott, Malcolm and Elvis.    Yeah, Elvis.  We were summarily dismissed and told to depart the premises.



We tried a smile and some banter, but no.  “Get Out Now!‘  So we headed out and discussed the rest of the convention over a beer.

This day was undoubtedly the busiest day, running from place to place, and trying to make the most of the events, classes, new friends, and opportunities.