Ok, I’ll wrap this up so I can get back to the other things that were important.

Ok, the Boy Scouts finally got me this year, so I marched in the parade that I normally avoid every year, sitting in the Vegas airport.  I stood waiting longer than I walked.  It was fun.

Well, the first place I saw the announcement was on Civil3D.com, thanks to Joshua Modglin….Next year AU will be at Mandalay Bay, Dec 1-4.  Why Mandalay?  Seems kind of off to the side, but I still think it will be great.

Check out the design slam…Corr77 AU Design Slam – Day 1

Shaan Hurley has a nice write up on the end of AU, and seems to wrap up a lot of topics…Http://autodesk.blogs.com/between_the_lines/2008/12/autodesk-university-2008-is-over.html

The Lazy Drafter has some party pics…http://www.lazydrafter.com/tag/autodesk-university/

AU 09 is looking like a better prospect for me, so I look forward to seeing you all there!!!