Autodesk University Las Vegas is quickly approaching.

“Join more than 10,000 design, engineering, and manufacturing professionals at Autodesk University Las Vegas—the world’s largest gathering of Autodesk software users.”

This will be my 5th AU, and every year I seem to always pick up some new tricks, meet some great people, and have a very enjoyable time. If I had to pick just two things that I’ve gotten out of AU over the past years has to be the networking (the people I’ve met) and getting inspired (I always arrive back in the office pumped).

McCord Hall Arizona State University

Kevin Dooley McCord Hall, Arizona State University

For the Autodesk University Rookie

A must for you AU rookies is checking out Paul Munford’s (aka the CADSetterOut) AU Rookie Guide. This guide is chocked full of useful tips. The one tip I really wished I had known my first year of attending was staying hydrated. The first day I came down with the biggest headache I’ve ever had in my life.

My other suggestion for first timers is to talk to as many people as you possibly can. Everyone is there for the same reason and everyone is ready to talk about technology, or as my wife puts it “CAD Geek Talk“. It doesn’t matter if you are in the same industry, trust me in that you’ll find things to share.

Behind the Music

Jesus Solana Floating Sounds

Floating Sounds by Jesus Solana

PL9954 – Behind the Music (Stories from Vault Users) This is my 5th year of attending AU and my 4th year presenting. This year I am very fortunate to co-present with two other fine gentlemen as we discuss our paths to successfully implementing Autodesk Vault. If you are just beginning your path to Vault, this is a must attend class.

Learn from 3 users about the trials and tribulations, the hardships, and the journeys it took for them to successfully implement Vault software. This class will examine the compelling stories of the successes, tragedies, and triumphs of the companies in their implementation. We will highlight 3 sizes of Vault software implementations—small, medium, and large. Once each story is told, the panel will be set up for questions and answers.

Class Suggestions

Whether this is your first year or not, here are a few classes worth attending (especially if you are in the manufacturing realm like me).

Paul Munford’s CP10847 – Complex Topology and Class-A Surface Modeling with Inventor is one for Inventor users who (just occasionally!) find themselves ready to create a complex model and don’t know where to start. Paul is a rockstar when it comes to Inventor surfacing

Sualp Ozel (and others) IM10376 – Let’s Get It Started! An in-depth kick-off to the FEA with Nastran Power Track. I’ve known Sualp for quite a number of years and he’s never let me down when it comes to presenting FEA. I’m not new to FEA but new to Nastran, so this class is high on my list

My Behind the Music co-presenter Chris Benner is leading the presentation in XI10614 – The Power of the Autodesk Community, which will showcase the power of the Autodesk Community.

Regardless of the version of Vault you are using or your expertise, PL10593 – Data Management Avengers III will be good to check out. Lead by Autodesk, the past two Data Management Avengers have been organized chaos, but the dialog and conversations have been phenomenal. It is always good to not feel alone and this class presents the opportunity to be with others who are experiencing the same wins, losses, and worries you are probably experiencing with Vault.

See You There!

If you are attending Autodesk University this year (and you obviously read Design & Motion) track me down… let’s connect! Attend my class or send me a message on the AU App.