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Autodesk Sim 360 | Prescribed Displacement

Do you need to constrain a face, surface, edge, etc to a location other than where it is on the geometry setup? Prescribed Displacement may be what you need. The tool is really versatile, and can be used to do some unorthodox things.

From the Ribbon, you can choose Prescribed Displacement from the constraints panel.

Autodesk Sim 360

In my example I needed to stretch a component 0.166 mm along the Z Axis. I used the axis controls to establish that new location.


Autodesk Sim 360

When completed, a glyph appears showing that surface will be offset.

Autodesk Sim 360

In this case, I was establishing preload in a shaft. The opposite end of the shaft was held in place with a bonded contact. The combination creates a load in the component.

You can use this when you not only need a force applied, but need it fixed for the remainder of the analysis convergence..

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