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PLM 360 | The Project Management Tab

Autodesk PLM 360 ConfigurationI noticed something that might be useful to those moving forward with their PLM 360 configurations.

When looking into the project management roles and capabilities of PLM 360, you may have missed where the Project Management Tab is located. The Project Management tab is renamed to ‘Schedule’ in many workspaces.

To Change The Tab Name

To change this, navigate to :

Administration Tab –> Setup –> Workspaces [Scroll and expand your appropriate workspace] –> Tab Names

Pick the Revert button to rename the ‘Schedule’ tab to the ‘Project Management’ tab.

Save the settings that that’s it.

Autodesk PLM 360 Project Management Tab

Don’t forget to set your roles prior to looking for the tab, and your workspace relationships before attempting to add anything to that list.

  • John, good tip! renaming of tabs is a useful way to customize PLM 360. What I wonder is when PLM 360 will allow to add additional tabs. Best, Oleg

  • Michelle Stone

    Thanks John! Another little related tip – check out the URL when you click on a tab – at the end it will tell you what kind of tab it is (&tab=griddetails or &tab=relationship for example).

  • Scott_Moyse

    thats a cracker cheers Michelle

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