Are you having trouble getting access to your Autodesk products today? You are not alone. Autodesk Identity Authorization Service servers are not available since 0800 central time – 1400 UTC. That’s right, the Autodesk Licensing Service is Down which will affect your access to any product managed with the Autodesk ID system.

The root of our trouble and possibly yours was not evident. vault servers were communicating, but would throw odd errors trying to login, as if the server IP addressed were wonky. Not the case. When I tried to login to the Autodesk Account website, it was unavailable.

Check Your Autodesk Desktop App

If you are experiencing odd access problems, try checking your Autodesk Desktop App.

Pick the icon for your Autodesk Desktop App in the application tray. Once this opens, you can pick your profile and then “Access my complete list of products and services” If this opens a Web browser window that freaks out, your in the same boat as millions of other people.

You should also try logging into your AutodeskAccount. The servers were inaccessible.

What Can We Do?

Contact your reseller who may or may not know when something may get resolved. We got our team onto Civil 3D and Vault by repeatedly hammering the Application Vault Login. Eventually they got in.

Vault users – Log into the Vault using the administrative Vault login, NOT Autodesk ID! Assign each user a Vault ID, and ensure their passwords are correct. Then have the users log in with the Vault Account option, NOT Autodesk ID. This worked here.

TIP: I maintain a Vault Account and Autodesk ID for every user – this way we have an alternate login method.

Note: Our brute method only works until the system has to recheck the credentials. Eventually even this method may fail.

I would keep trying to get into the Autodesk Account server login. Once that works, you’ll likely be ok. Usually something like this is so quickly handled, none ever realizes it. Today however is taking much more to get the problem solved and aging me prematurely. I think I lost 5 years this morning.

Don’t forget you can check the Autodesk Health Update Service for updates.

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