Project Snap is a unified browse and search platform for Autodesk design applications that connects Autodesk users to their design data regardless of where it resides.

Resource cataloging

This project indexes data from various sources into an easy to configure catalog, that gathers and monitors the metadata from AutoCAD, Revit, and Inventor files in Local folders, Intranet, and Internet locations.  The data is cataloged through a customizable interface that can concatenate and filter searches. Buzzsaw and Vault data can be included to create complete browsing solution.


Not only the file itself, but the data inside the files, including Blocks and Sub-Assemblies are cataloged.  This brings to mind a more convenient ‘anywhere’ Design Center.

Metadata properties, thumbnails, file and file resources can be reviewed through the interface, and models, blocks, and components inserted into the 3 CAD applications.


Phase 1 AutoCAD and local folders

The project is broken into phases. Phase 1 provides a plugin for AutoCAD that lands on the Insert Tab of the Ribbon. Future projects should extend over additional applications including Vault and Internet locations.

Check out the videos and download this new project from Autodesk Labs