Autodesk announced yesterday that HSMWorks 2014 is available for Solidworks users in English, Japanese, and German languages. A press release yesterday quoted Buzz Kross (Autodesk’s senior vice president of design, lifecycle and simulation) as saying:

“Autodesk’s goal is to create the world’s best CAM tools and continue to provide users with the power and quality they have come to expect… We are committed to offering customers both the ease-of-use and productivity advantages of professionally integrated CAM no matter what CAD software they use.”

Autodesk HSMWorks 2014 announcement

The press release went on to include the following:

“HSMWorks 2014 offers better control over existing toolpaths to produce high quality surface finishes and optimize use of standard cutting tools, and powerful enhancements to simulation and toolpath calculation capabilities that allow users greater visibility into the machining process and the ability to leverage more computing power across their organization.

Additional new features include:

  • Machine Simulation – Support has been added for a wider range of machine types including 5-axis machining centers. Utilization of native SolidWorks assemblies means users are able to model their machines right inside SolidWorks software without having to import STLs or dumb solids.
  • HSMWorks API – The new API provides users with the ability to automate many programming tasks such as toolpath generation and post processing.
  • Adaptive Clearing 2.0 – Adaptive Clearing has set the bar for efficient, high volume material removal using a strategy of constant tool engagement to reduce cycle times, tool and machine wear, and produce quality finished parts. Enhanced multi-core support and improved linking make Adaptive Clearing 2.0 the most advanced adaptive roughing technology to date.
  • Enhanced Turning support – New options have been added giving users greater control over toolpath creation including finer controls over leads and transitions, overlaps, roughing, and finishing passes. Additionally, turning toolpaths have been optimized to reduce machining time by improving linking and ordering, as well as control over home and retract positions.

“From the beginning, we have focused on integrating HSMWorks CAM technology into our extensive portfolio of desktop and cloud-based design tools, while also continuing the development of the leading CAM solution for SolidWorks users, HSMWorks,” said Kross. “This release delivers on that promise.”

No Inventor HSM Support Yet

This announcement comes quite close to Autodesk University 2013. In more that one occasion, announcements such as these have been piggy-backed by a more significant announcement at that venue.

Autodesk CAM solutions

The image above is taken from the Autodesk CAM website and should give readers an idea of what Autodesk is planning. I’d like to see similar integration with Inventor 2014 before the end of the year. That still remains to be see however, as Inventor users are relegated the 2.5D HSMXpress toolset that is offered free to the public. If I had to speculate, I’d have to say that the company was leveraging feedback from the free toolset before releasing the full featured integration with their flagship product. Let’s hope for something better at AU 2013.

Pricing and Availability

HSMWorks continues to be sold through the reseller channels, and you will have to contact yours directly about the price. Autodesk is permitting 30 day trials by request here: