Autodesk HSM Express for InventorAutodesk has released HSM Express, currently a 2.5D CAM solution for Inventor users in a public beta. This is the first in hopefully a full line of Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) capabilities for Autodesk that many have urged the company to adopt for years. Companies like Siemens and Dassault have already adopted full featured integrated CAM functionality in their products through direct development or partnerships. That integration has been readily welcomed, and earned those companies numerous cross over client’s as a result.

Autodesk’s recent purchase of HSMWorks has sparked some interest in how the company would move forward with the product. It appears as thought he initial offering will be the existing technology currently marketed as HSMXpress, a free 2.5D plugin for SolidWorks, but refitted for Inventor.

Autodesk Inventor HSM Express


I’m happy to see the product emerge, and hope that experienced CNC technicians will join in with the Beta, and help mature this product into something quite useful. If you are interested in helping the product along, head over to this link:

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