Autodesk Acquires Pixlr ServiceWhat doesn’t Autodesk have now? They’ve either designed or bought everything that was conceivable in the realm of design. Well, almost everything. A press release from PR-Inside discussed Autodesk’s purchase of Pixlr, an online social image creation and sharing service started in Sweden in 2008.

Based on a statement made in the release, integration of the service seems to be targeted towards the SketchBook Pro Product, allowing them to save in the PXD format and share their content through the online service.

“Lots of people–not just creative professionals—want to express themselves visually,” said Samir Hanna, vice president of Consumer Products at Autodesk. “Combining image editing capabilities with sketching capabilities provides new avenues for rich visual expression.
We also intend to marry the Pixlr team’s web development experience with our expertise in mobile app development to help people everywhere be creative on the devices of their choice.”

Read the rest of the Pixlr acquisition news release here.