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Autodesk 2014 Product Launch – Summary

SuitesEarlier today Amar Hanspal (SVP Autodesk) presented Autodesk’s 2014 suites to the world. The webcast only lasted for 40 mins and considering the depth and range of Autodesk’s suites it was a quick fire presentation with a high level view of this years new philosophy. In Amar’s opening statement one comment stood out for me:

“Today the proliferation of cloud & mobile technologies is dramatically changing, not just the way design is done, but also who is participating in this process.”

2 years ago Autodesk introduced Suites for the first time to accelerate the aid the implementation of digital prototyping. Last year Autodesk introduced Autodesk 360 to compliment the suite products and officially start introducing their customers to cloud technology. They’ve continued to build on this approach with this years release of suite products across all industries. This years story is familiar:

Suites & Cloud equals the most comprehensive industry workflows for digital prototyping, building information modelling, plant, factory, infrastructure design and digital entertainment creation.

In 2014 subscription customers have the benefit of leveraging the cloud tools, which are increasingly being developed to extend the desktop based suites. Amar went on to show that contrary to popular belief, customers want to use more products. Here are some of the facts he presented:

more satisfaction

  • Customers that use 3 or more products are 42% more satisfied than those only using 2.
  • 72% of Autodesk customers are using 2 or more products in their suite.
  • 54% of those customers are interested in using more over the next 18 months.
  • 61% that use 3 products are interested in using even more.
  • More use = more satisfaction = more products used.

Amar said that suites revenue is up 53% over the last year, showing by continuing to add value to all autodesk suites via growing products & services within the suites is the right path for Autodesk and its customers.

AutoCAD Design Suite


  • The social design feed first seen in AutoCAD WS and Autodesk 360 is now available in the desktop applications.
  • One click workflows between Showcase & Alias, enacted from directly within Alias.

Morgan Motors are using the AutoCAD design suite. Alias allows them to design ‘On The Fly’, some of the best ideas weren’t planned, they just appeared in Alias. They use showcase and the online configurator so customers can see what options they can buy & configure their own Morgan. Additionally they are able to use 3ds Max Design to create photo realistic imagery and animations for marketing purposes.

Building Design Suite


  • Host of new design, analysis, construction and documentation capabilities
  • New Cloud services
  • The next generation of infrastructure modeller with Infraworks
  • Energy Analysis with Green building studio
  • Optimisation via Inventor

 Entertainment Creation Suite


  • Casual Social and Mobile gaming are having a huge impact on the industry
  • 40 billion videos were watched on YouTube in the last year alone.
  • Quality and effects are more relevant than ever before.

The development of the tools in the Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite reflect this ever increasing shift to help small visual effect houses and game developers to seize these opportunities.

  • Across the board power increases
  • Automated Crowd Population
  • Much improved user experience

Amar talked about how the Entertainment Creation Suite helped to create the upcoming game Beyond Two Souls from Quantic Dreams (the makers of Heavy Rain). He didn’t give away much about how they used it, but I now want to go and buy that game as soon as its out!

Factory Design Suite:


  • 300 new assets available in the cloud
  • Added support for Autodesk Revit model import

Plastics Research Corporation, manufacturer of shipping and storage containers for military assets, used Autodesk Factory Design Suite to design their expanding operation. This will enable them to make more of these types of pallets than any other manufacturer in the world. They selected their new factory layout using a design created by someone with no prior CAD experience, which was very brave of them, but also an incredible testament to its ease of use. I was happy to hear they are also using Autodesk Vault to manage all their design data.

Infrastructure Design Suite


  • Introduction of the next generation Infrastructure modeller, Infraworks 360
  • Revit Structure in the Premium suite
  • Full set of Revit capability in the Ultimate suite.

Plant Design Suite


There are some big additions in this suite

  • 3ds Max Design in the Premium edition
  • Inventor Optimization in the Ultimate edition

Product Design Suite:

PrDS New Features

Host of new capabilities

  • Inventor to Revit interoperability
  • Assembly Joints to decrease the time it takes to build up assemblies
  • Inventor Professional added to Premium.
  • Naviswork Manage added to Ultimate.

Autodesk 360


  • Suite subscribers still gain access to A360 family
  • Users are leveraging Inventor Optimisation, Rendering then Storage & Collaboration.

Amar went onto share some customer quotes including one from our very own John Evans:

John's Quote

Here are some incredible statistics Amar wanted to share with the audience. It really is breath taking:

  • 20 million Autodesk 360 accounts created
  • 9 million in the last year
  • 725,000 new accounts a month
  • 2 million renderings with 1 million in the last quarter
  • 11 millions downloads of AutoCAD WS & 2 million unique users a month
  • 20 million files uploaded to AutoCAD WS

This shows customers are jumping at the chance to adopt cloud technology, supporting the fact that Autodesk are leading the way with Cloud tools and workflows in the CAD & visualization industry.

You can watch the webcast below:


  • Thanks for the article! All I see is applications being moved around. Each year apps from a higher level Suite moves into lower Suits. Now Inv Pro is part of PDSP. Wow, thats great for the PDSP users but what about the guys already on PDSU??? All they get is higher subs rates and more apps which I am not convinced they all really want. Not to sound negative here but how does this help us?
    When last has Adesk updated the Routed systems module inside Inv? When last have they really updated Dynamic simulation or the FEA module with new functionality? …or Frame generator? Most of the time we see very small changes at most but nothing substantial. …oh wait you can now offload your FEA to the cloud and do it a little quicker. Still just a design checker…
    To me Adesk is playing marketing games, focusing on cloud and just moving apps around to keep the user happy for now but are they really addressing the user’s design engineering issues and needs at product level?

    I know a couple of other CAD products that shine in all above departments and all you need is one application with modules that are mature and that keep on getting developed. No need to jump between desktop apps as much with different interfaces which honestly is just counterproductive.

    The above is my personal view and I have been and still are a follower of Adesk software. I just wish that the once flagship product, called Inventor, will one day get the attention it deserves and be developed into a complete mature product like its competition. I am sure there are a lot of other users out there wanting to work with ten applications to get their job done but some of us really only want to use one complete application. Am I dreaming… maybe, but I am sure I am not the only one…

  • Scott_Moyse


    Thank you for your comment. I pretty much agree with everything. Bearing in mind this was a launch of the Suites and therefore they will be talking about the movement and changes of the products within them. However, they haven’t talked about the changes within the products themselves. That detail has emerged elsewhere and will continue to do so in the coming weeks. I would like to point out that for years users have moaned about Autodesk adding big features which are marketable to their products, instead of fixing bugs, broken workflows or adding small features and tools which have long been needed. I feel as if the last two releases of Inventor, for example, have aimed to add a lot of those things instead of adding large fancy incomplete features. Time will tell if they keep chipping away like this or if they start introducing new features to bring Inventor back up to par again. I think it’s a difficult balance for them to achieve. Personally I’m happy with the new features in the last two Inventor releases, but it is time they went back and started to fix up, refresh or bolster the tools you highlight above.



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