On Monday, Autodesk Labs announced that it’s very popular (and free) Photo-modeling application ‘Photofly’ has now been released into the 123D family of products with the new name 123D Catch.

imageProject Photofly was an application, and cloud service that allows users to take photographs of objects, and produce detailed models. Once the photographs are tagged in the application, they are sent off to the cloud and the Autodesk servers assemble the model information automatically, and send it back to the user. Further refinements can then be made, and models exported.

Being part of the 123D platform means that the application will remain free and continue to be accessible by everyone. It also means that the integration with the 123D platform will make it easy for anyone to ‘photo-model’ almost anything, and bring it into the rest of the 123D products to modify and ultimately have the product printed within the 123D service.

123D catch is released at this time in Beta, so you can expect more refinements and capabilities added in the near future. More information is available through Autodesk Labs, as well as its Launch Site.