I am sitting in my room at the Lexington Aloft Hotel.  It’s 2:20 am and I’m avoiding desperately needed sleep before the Autodesk AEC Blogger Day event will be held today at the AEC Headquarters in Waltham.


I expect to see some add on goodies, some awesome visualization, the SSA we’ve been seeing on webcasts, and maybe some new software too. I’m excited about the Vis topics particularly.

Keep checking with me throughout the day on the Facebook fan page and of course Twitter.

Our Hashtags will be #ADSKAEC and #Civil3D


We should see Dana Probert, James Wedding, and maybe Armundo Darling, Karen Weiss, Phil Bernstein, and Jay Bhatt as well. There will be a bunch of Bloggers and Journalists like Christopher Fugitt, Kevin Spear, and yours truly, so get ready for a slough of info to hit you fast today.