Autodesk has provided a geo-referenced mapping feature in AutoCAD Civil 3D for a few years now. With the touch of a button, the model space is filled with a geo-referenced ‘live map’ image based on the view geographic coordinates. Wherever you pan the view, seamless satellite imagery is provided in the background. Unfortunately, in recent months, many users have reported Geomap service problem following Windows Update, and that  the mapping service was not functioning. There are no warnings for the error; you hit the button and nothing happens. There are many reasons why this may not work:

  • Evil router is blocking the service.
  • Not logged into A360.
  • Your geographic system information is not setup.
  • Your view is not within the limits of the system you have indicated.

The most difficult of these to troubleshoot are service related problems.

Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D Geomap Interface

Geomap Service problem following Windows Update

The service is fed through your Autodesk A360 account.  The service that supplies that imagery was initially provided by Google in version 2011 or 2012. However, something went wrong with the agreement, and in the following year the service was not available. The year following that, Autodesk was able to provide the service again through Microsoft Bing, and has continued to do so ever since. Recently, I have been experiencing problems in Windows 10, that seemed to culminate following an update from Microsoft. Upon checking, I ran across an article stating other users had lost their AutoCAD ‘live map’ functionality following Microsoft’s updates. Apparently, the update causes problems with the Autodesk A360 service login. The following steps got mine working again:

  • Exit AutoCAD
  • Log out of the Autodesk A360 service on your desktop
  • Restart AutoCAD Civil 3D, and initiate the _Geomap command (This is the same as picking the map button). This will initiate the A360 login again.

After successful login, the mapping features may work again (mine did!). I say may work because there could be other issues that need to be resolved.

Note: in my case, the A360 icon was not present in the tray when I tried to access it. I had to get to it through the App Menu in Windows 10.

Autodesk A360 Login

There were some additional tips in that article, including deleting registry entries.

Other things that you might check

Make sure your geographic system settings are correct. In my case the system that I plug into Civil 3D is Florida State Plane, North Zone, North American Datum of 1983. I have it setup in my templates so that every drawing is already prepared for the geo-referencing feature.

Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D Geographic Settings

Pan your view to the correct region. In my template I have included some AutoCAD features that I routinely use, and they are placed at a convenient location in my state plane area. That is the view that I see initially, and am always in a good spot for the imagery to show up. In addition, I can easily navigate from landmarks that I recognize.

Make sure you are logged into A360. The login information is included in the upper right-hand area of the AutoCAD Civil 3D interface. Additionally, look into the service that is running in the background, and see that it is not being infringed upon by a firewall.

Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D A360 Login

I really hope this helps out. It was so frustrating, especially since there is simply no way of knowing what the system is experiencing. Perhaps Autodesk might include a warning when users pick the map button, letting them know there is no service available.