Autodesk announced in a press briefing that the AutoCAD 2014 and AutoCAD LT 2014 for the Mac would be available today. The timing for the Mac release was set to coincide with specific Mac development cycles, and will continue in that manner in the future, which the company feels is better for the AutoCAD Mac user base.

AutoCAD 2014 Mac Large Display

New improvements include:

  • Support for Apple’s Retina display – AutoCAD now fully supports the high-definition Retina display throughout the UI, delivering with sharper lines, text, and tool icons, as well as significantly higher level of detail at high zoom levels.
  • Synchronization with Autodesk 360 – Directly access of files and synchronization on the Autodesk 360 cloud.
  • Package Drawing (eTransmit in std. AutoCAD): quickly collect related files into a compressed folder for easy distribution or archival.
  • Online Help
  • Default Save‐as‐Previous Version
  • Software Security Enhancements: AutoCAD 2014 for Mac enhanced security to help prevent loading and running of malicious AutoLISP applications.

AutoCAD 2014 Mac Retinal Display Support

“AutoCAD for Mac users are extremely passionate, and we have worked hard to incorporate their top requests and feedback into this release,” said Amy Bunszel, vice president of AutoCAD products at Autodesk. “Customers will find the overall experience much faster and cleaner, enabling designers to be more efficient and collaborative with their teams.” (per Autodesk press release)

Customers can purchase AutoCAD 2014 for Mac or AutoCAD LT 2014 for Mac from the Autodesk Store, through CDW and Amazon, or from a local Value-Added Reseller.

Images and information courtesy of Autodesk, Inc.