AU is Coming!  AU is Coming!!!  ( like Charlie Brown’s “the Great Pumpkin”)


I will be trying to push to the top of the AU Journalist food chain this year.  I love it!!  BUT, in order for me to interview the best classes and best instructors, you need to VOTE for your favorites!!!

There are numerous great speakers and classes every year. But let’s say you are new to the scene; perhaps you don’t know many of these people or the subject matter is new.

Let me take you on a tour, and possibly make a few suggestions along the way. I’m not telling you whom to vote for, NO!. Merely suggesting that you give them a good look, so as to limit the number of sleeper classes you may run into.

BE CAREFUL, you cannot change a AU Class votes (or upgrade) once cast.


The AEC crowd

James Wedding

No one is as well known in the Civil circuit as James Wedding.  His no-nonsense approach to Civil 3D and design will give you tried and true methods of successfully utilizing the tools from Autodesk.


Donnie Gladfelter

The Cad Geek. Donnie just finished his latest AutoCAD book “no experience required”, and has a wealth of knowledge in the AutoCAD and Civil subjects. Charismatic style should make for some of the most popular classes this year.


Ron Couillard

great presenter, quite skilled in a variety of subjects, and his classes are quite informative.


Adam Peter

great presenter, his class last year went very well


Angel Espinoza

I don’t know of a more sought after speaker than Angel (except Ms. Allen). His classes are always packed. You’d think after this kind of advertisement, I could get a reserved seat. hint hint


Warren Medernach

One of my associates that have a great personality and work with a knowledgeable team.  I would schedule his class in as well.


Malcolm Fernandes

You want BIM, well you got it. Malcolm is an experienced ISD Application specialist with ImaginIt Canada.


Elvis Sverko

That’s right Elvis. Elvis works for Ascent and has a lot of experience. He is one of those guys that made my trip last year a real success.  I’ll be writing up some of his classes this year, and seeing how things go for him.


Melanie Perry

A very well known figure in the Autodesk realm.  She is a well respected technical editor, and has a good sense of humor.


Curt Moreno

You gotta hand it to Curt. When there is a niche to fill, he’s right in there. Social branding is increasingly important in our technical world. The KungFu Drafter will throw down some insights on how to make the best of it.


Brian Tanner

Brian is part of the online design community. This may be his first year as a presenter at AU.  I think he has something to offer, and would like to give him a chance to show us what he’s got.


Matt Murphy

You will not fall asleep in Matt’s classes.  Matt seriously knows AutoCAD, and Certification. Definitely check out his classes.


Christopher Fugitt

Chris is an API pro that has a lot of knowledge packed in his head.  Let’s give him the opportunity to get some out.


Jason Hickey

I was gonna add a seventh proposal, and do a surfacing class, but felt I had too many out, and the competition would be pretty heavy. Look whose doing  surfacing class. The field to finish class might just pay for the day at AU.  I’d like to be at that lecture.


Peter Funk

Peter has been around quite a while, and is deep in the inner workings of Civil at Autodesk, and never without a smile. This class should be great.


Kean Walmsley

No name is more synonymous with the AutoCAD API than Kean.  If you need .NET, this is the first stop.


Sean Twomey

This is the guy that did the underground corridors.  He is the Corridor link king.  If you need Assembly and Corridor help, this guy should present a wealth of knowledge.


Steve Johnson

Steve is a Vis specialist, with an eye for the rub between CADD users and Autodesk.  The king of Design Poll Taking should have a great twist on anything he brings to the table (and between class chats should be quite interesting too).


Felicia Provencal

Generally known to be a knowledgeable individual in many subjects.


Matthew Anderson

Very active in the Civil design community, Matthew’s classes should prove to be good.


Matt Mason

Software Development at Avatech. His class should be informative.


Kate Morrical

The AutoCAD LT guru. If you are interested in LT, these classes should be worth planning in.


Mark Kiker

I don’t know Mark personally, but he is the former President of AUGI, and has a hard focus on CADD Management and Leadership.  If these are topics you want to get a grip on, I suspect he’s one to see.


Shaan Hurley

Shaan gets his own category because no one really knows what Shaan does.  He just talks about everything Autodesk.  No one better to teach this kind of class.



Nancy Tremblay

Nancy is the overlord of the ATC.  If there is something she knows, it is Certification. She is an engaging speaker; she could talk about rocks and it would still be a fun class.


The Manufacturing bunch

Dan Banach

I generally don’t need a certification prep class anymore, but I still try and attend Dan’s class. I have never seen anything so well tied to the tests as his presentation.  If you will take the test at AU, go right after this class. If you understand what he is going over, you WILL pass the test. It will be that good. (Due to recent changes in Autodesk policy, I can no longer say whether Dan is, or is not part of the certification planning process.)


Kevin Schneider

Kevin is the emerging technology guru. I apologize to anyone whose class I may miss during Kevin’s sessions. I will be there. I hope they have a substitute speaker for my class if it is at the same time (it’s a joke, I’m just kidding AU, really).


Rob Cohee

Rob is one of the Autodesk Manufacturing solution Evangelists, and his name (and face) have become synonymous with Inventor. His Youtube video count is going up faster that the national debt.  He is known for enjoyable deliveries and being able to deliver large quantities of information is short periods of time. I will not likely miss Robert’s class. Did anyone know his name was Robert?


Mark Flayler

My buddy Mark seems like a run of the mill cad nerd, but his skill and knowledge of the industry will shock you.  His classes should be awesome, and I don’t recommend missing them.


Jay Tedeschi

Jay is part of the Technical Marketing team and knows his stuff. His class should have some insights and innovations that will make the lecture time well worth it.


Garin Gardiner

You’ve probably seen his webcasts.  I got the opportunity to finally met him this spring, and I can say he is as enjoyable to listen to in person as are his webcasts.


Peter Maxfield

Peter is embedded deep in the simulation inner workings at Autodesk.  I saw him twice last year, and don’t intend to miss any of his classes this time either.


Shakeel Mizra

His class was very helpful this year. He ha a great stage personality, so these should all be fun labs.


Brian Schanen

Brian is part of the Autodesk Manufacturing team.  He should bring a good vault presentation forward.


Thomas Tremblay

He did the Mechatronics class that I missed last year, which was rather unfortunate. Thom is well known in the Autodesk Education department, and his classes should be good.


Allen Gager

Check out Gager’s titles…’that’s crazy talk’  I’m going to that one!


Sam Antos

Sam is doing a bit on Publisher.  Hmmm so is someone else I know.  Anyway, Sam should deliver good class, so go to both!


Stephen Gabriel

His Showcase class last year went very well.  I only wish that he would present it again.


Thomas Fitzgerald

Another knowledgeable person. I am looking forward to attending his lab.


Rollin Godette

I enjoyed his Rollin’s class last year.  High intensity speaker. I interviewed him during lunch, and it went like the class. Fast paced and a lot of info.


Sunith Babu

Sunith has been writing tech articles for some time. I wish the class was live.


Jonathan Landeros

I don’t know Jonathan personally, but he was the winner of the book contest this spring.  He works for Ketiv, and they usually don’t turn out idiots. No pressure Jonathan 🙂  Besides, BIM and Inventor is always a good sounding class.


Wasim Younis

You should know about Wasim, the author of the book I gave away this spring. ‘Up and Running with Autodesk Inventor Simulation’. This will likely be a pretty cool class.


And some oddball named John Evans 🙂


Missing Persons

I mention these people because there is still some odd chance that AU could slip some of these in last minute.  Keep your eyes open.

Dana Probert

Dana classes could not be found. She has always had a super popular class, and it will be a shame not to have her this year.  [throat clearing cough]  I SAID IT WOULD BE A SHAME NOT TO ATTEND HER CLASS THIS YEAR!!! […still nothing…?]

Barbara Bowen

She worked feverishly last year to keep Certification moving smoothly. If that will be similar this year, you may get to see her in Nancy Tremblay’s class.

Lynn Allen

She does so many speaking engagements throughout AU, that it will be unlikely to see her tied to a class room.  Another one we should petition for.

Brian Sather, Justin Hoey, and Chris Hall

Autodesk Manufacturing TM team member classes are missing.

Steve Bedder

Seriously MFG, no class this year?

Alex Gioultouridis

Will likely be too busy at the ImaginIt desk to teach.

Rickard Lindgren

We had a deal Rickard, you were going to teach this year!

That seems to be all the people that I know to be (or indicated they would be) submitting proposals.  I hope this helps anyone who is undecided.

I look forward to seeing everyone there!