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Autodesk Vault 2015 LicensingError [319] (20)

Upon installing Vault Professional 2015, Scott is confronted with the ‘Failed to Acquire License’ error familiar to a lot of Autodesk Vault users. After hours of troubleshooting, he has discovered the solution for LicensingError [319] (20) reported in the ADMS console.Continue Reading

Autodesk Vault 2015 – What’s New? Revit gets loads of love

Amongst all the fan fare of Autodesk’s 2015 product line launch today, Autodesk Vault 2014 also slipped into a released state. Combined with new features & last years subscription release, this is a pretty nifty release.Continue Reading

Autodesk Vault 2014 – Command Line Workspace Sync Works!

Autodesk just recently released updates for Vault 2014 and Vault 2014 with the Subscription Release. Pay close attention that Service Pack 2 is for Vaults that DO NOT have Subscription Release 1 applied. To download Vault 2014 Subscription Release 1, Service Pack 1 you’ll need to visit the Autodesk Subscription site. The update fixes a variety of problems,Continue Reading

Review of the Data Standard Extension for Autodesk Vault

At the very end of November Autodesk released a second subscription extension for Vault. Autodesk describes it as… “Vault Data Standard is a data control feature for found within Autodesk Vault Professional and Vault Workgroup that helps you enter data for new or existing files in a standardized format.” This extension is for Subscription customersContinue Reading

When a version is just a version, and a revision is more

Back in my Autodesk Reseller days I wrote a whitepaper explaining the differences between a version and a revision. I did this because Autodesk had just released Productstream (which is now Vault Professional) and there was a lot of misunderstanding and confusion. The Confusion was on the differences between version management, which Vault did, andContinue Reading

Cannot generate Vault report from the template in Inventor 2014

Just after Autodesk University 2013 I got a brand new and shiny HP ZBook 15″ Mobile Workstation. It came pre-installed with Windows 8 which is was very happy with, I know there are still some issues to iron out with Autodesk software and this version of Windows, there are even more with Windows 8.1. Nevertheless,Continue Reading