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Autodesk Labs | Interactive Terrain Shaping for Civil 3D

Autodesk Labs just announced AutoCAD Civil 3D tools that might revolutionize the way you prepare site grading. Check it out.Continue Reading

Civil 3D | 2012 New Feature Highlights Part 2

Autodesk AEC Division unveils many of Civil 3D’s best new features. Check out Part 2 of the the highlights for the second half of the new features webcast.Continue Reading

In Design | 3D Printing & Component Feasibility

For the last week I’ve been popping in and out of this design as I prep it for 3D printing. While I did that I noticed a few things that needed attention. This turned into a feasibility study that has taken more time that I desired, but has resulted in a few good articles thatContinue Reading

Civil 3D – Using Volume Surfaces to Inspect Changes

Need to compare surfaces to see the difference? Manipulating volume surfaces may be the way to go. Steps and visual styles helped me get this evaluation done.Continue Reading

Civil 3D – Creating Cropped Surface Tips

A few tips to help speed up Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D while cropping Large SurfacesContinue Reading

Inventor – Surface Patching Tip

I was prepping a new design, and decided to throw this tip out.  When you have an open surface such as the one in this image, and want to add a face to close if off, you can add a surface by using ‘Patch’. Ribbon-> Home Tab->Surface Panel->Patch    It’s quite simple and uses theContinue Reading