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Autodesk Publisher Viewer is available for Android

Inventor Publisher’s Viewer is now available on the Android OS. Here’s the link.Continue Reading

Autodesk | Rob Cohee interviews everyone in Autodesk Product Design

Rob Cohee discusses numerous topics throughout the Autodesk Product Design Suite for 2012 in a 12 part video seriesContinue Reading

Hardware | NVIDIA Quadro 5000M Unleashed on MCad

Back again with another look at the capabilities of the NVIDIA Quadro 5000M, and how well it performed under the weight of numerous Autodesk MCAD applicationsContinue Reading

AU2010 | Getting Ready for Autodesk Inventor Publisher

Getting ready for Autodesk University 2010, and thought I’d leave a note for my Publisher class attendees and a quick video too.Continue Reading

Publisher – Delete a Storyboard Timeline Feature

Inventor Publisher Storyboard edits can seem foriegn, but understanding the Storyboard Timeline will give you back controlContinue Reading

Inventor – Quick Edit with Work Features via Derived Component

I needed a threaded hole for a drive shaft in the top plate of my carrier assembly, and was using it to show how well Update works in Autodesk Inventor Publisher now. I thought it would be nice to show you just how fast Autodesk Inventor Derived Components can make annoyances like having to returnContinue Reading