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Cannot generate Vault report from the template in Inventor 2014

Just after Autodesk University 2013 I got a brand new and shiny HP ZBook 15″ Mobile Workstation. It came pre-installed with Windows 8 which is was very happy with, I know there are still some issues to iron out with Autodesk software and this version of Windows, there are even more with Windows 8.1. Nevertheless,Continue Reading

Windows 8.1 Preview and Autodesk Inventor WARNING

Scott discovers that Windows 8.1 Preview isn’t compatible with Inventor 2013 & 2014.Continue Reading

Autodesk Vault | 2014 Service Pack 1 Released

Scott highlights an issue seen with plotting in Autodesk Vault 2014 & believes it may have been fixed with Autodesk’s recent release of Service Pack 1Continue Reading

Autodesk Factory Design Suite Utilities Activation Problem

Scott shows us how to deal with an activation bug found in some 2014 Autodesk Factory Design Suite installationsContinue Reading

Vault | iPart Mass Override

Scott shows us how to use iLogic to overcome the mass override limitation with Inventor iParts.Continue Reading

Inventor | Driving Constraints From Workplanes

I didn’t realise until today that you can’t flip a work plane’s normal in an Inventor Assembly. So using a single parameter to drive a mate constraint simultaneously, on multiple parts can prove problematic. We’ve recently been designing a rotary dining table, by turning the whole table the table sections slide out opening up aContinue Reading