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Civil 3D | Sharing Point Data with the Survey Database

One of the things that I manage is the flow of data between engineering projects and the field. Once the overall control points are established, there is not a lot of survey network information coming back in.  Construction crew and RTK point data is delivered simply as a delimited ascii file. So what good doesContinue Reading

Civil 3D – Point Merge through TDS

This will be another quick tip, for those new to the Civil 3D platform and using TDS. We used to have problems with data being overwritten.  My crews dump their data daily and overwrite my calcs, and when I get them a tidied up file, I overwrite their subtle changes like an adjusted elevation.  SoContinue Reading

Civil 3D – 2011 Point Feature Request

I mess with a lot of points.  Incoming and outgoing. One things we can’t seem to do, is to get all the data at once.  In the case today, I have to renumber a range of points because I will have a lot of data coming in on highway cross sections. I renumber the pointsContinue Reading

Civil 3D – Points Highlighted Tolerance Tip

This is old news, but I was having too much fun not to post it. I have a big building pad with gridded verification shots.  I need to know where the pad is beyond tolerance, so I can direct the crews to verify those areas.    That’s a lot of dots to look through, andContinue Reading

Civil 3D – Corridor Assembly Link Tip

An associate contacted me recently regarding how to move 2 sets of train tracks through a single corridor, while keeping the ability to deviate the overall width.  The example I received had the sets of tracks identically elevated and on a single bed.  I decided to go a bit overboard, and add vertical and horizontalContinue Reading

Civil 3D – Point Label block issue resolved

Civil 3D 2010 Update 1 cleared up the Point Label style block issue that had plagued many of us.  Kind of a relief, I have been hesitant to edit ANY Label Styles, since being tortured by the problem.  Just the knee jerk reaction to being pounded by the software.  All is well……I still crash, justContinue Reading