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Autodesk PLM 360 October Update Highlights

Autodesk is updating PLM 360 for October on Saturday October 26th, from 16:00 hrs until 19:00 hours.

New update features include:

  • Set up transition escalation triggers
  • Configure reminders for a specific workflow state
  • Transition an item directly from the Item Header or the Item Preview Data Card
  • Flag individual items in a BOM that are associated with a Change Order and currently in progress.
  • For fields in a BOM view with Units of Measure (UOM), display the UOM in the field column’s header instead of in each item’s
  • Configure a column in BOM Views to display the number of each line item’s attachments
  • View a BOM as of a specific date in Flat View as well as Nested View.

(per Autodesk PLM 360 Team announcement)

Autodesk | Announces Partnership with Netsuite for Integrated ERP

Autodesk PLM 360 and Netsuite ERP partnershipAutodesk announced today that they have entered into a partnership with NetSuite, a leading provider of cloud-based ERP software since 1998. Their goal is to provide their customers a seamless integration of PLM 360 and NetSuite ERP (enterprise resource planning), bridging the gap between PLM and ERP.

NetSuite ERP software offers the following:

  • Financial Management
  • Supply Chain and Inventory
  • Order and Billing Management
  • Shipping and Fulfillment
  • Revenue Recognition Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Human Capital Management
  • Recurring Revenue Management
  • Financial Analytics and Reporting

The first thing that jumps out at me is the ability to manage vendor information and inventory with reporting on everything from planning to vendor performance. I think this will be a good offering for companies that wanted the scale-able PLM solution that PLM 360 offers, but were unwilling to move to it due to their ERP requirements. Autodesk expects the ERP integration to enhance adopter’s post-production efficiency and enable intelligent change management. I’ll be quite interested in seeing how well Bill of Materials (BOM) integration and handoffs performs with PLM 360.

Autodesk PLM 360 and Netsuite ERP partnership and integration

All the information is served in a bi-directional link between PLM 360 and NetSuite, allowing everyone in the process of engineering, resource management and distribution to have access to the information, and how it is being used. NetSuite states that it also includes integrated point-of-sale software was well.

“More than 50 percent of product costs are locked in during the design phase,” said Brenda Discher, vice president of Manufacturing Industry Strategy and Marketing at Autodesk. “The integration of our technologies will empower manufacturers to reduce overall costs and improve quality, while better understanding and adapting to fast-changing customer demands (per Autodesk press release).

We have been unable at this time to confirm the price model for NetSuite ERP. It seems to be a per user per month pricing, and numerous websites indicate that similar services are in the range of $100 USD.

Links and more information

More information can be found at the NetSuite website and in the official Autodesk press release.

Guido Haarmans, previously the Vice President, NetSuite Developer Network spent 10 years at Autodesk, “where he was pivotal in creating and growing the Autodesk Developer Network to more than 3,500 members and building a team of over 40 people responsible for all global aspects of the program”. Information gathered from the NetSuite SuiteCloud 2010 page. Mr. Haarmans is currently listed as the Vice President of Business Development for Technology Partners at NetSuite.

Here’s an odd tid-bit of information. I discovered an analysis report on the hypothetical merger between the companies, dated 5/11/2013. I have no idea if it is connected with this announcement, but the timing is interesting. Unfortunately it is priced out at 100 USD, which I will let the rest of you fork over if you desire to.

Mike & Olly’s London to Paris Bike Ride

Watkins 2Righto, some of you will know Mike Watkins, some of you won’t. He’s an alright Autodesk PLM geezer and is proving that with some noble action, he & his mate Olly Shropshire (dunno who he is, but I’m sure he’s a geezer as well) are going to ride from London to Paris on a push bike in aid of the Big C. Cancer affects too many people on this planet and anything being done to aid research into Cancer cures & treatment is worth backing in my book. They have a target of raising 500 quid before their ride in June which is a fairly modest amount, I’d hope that gets smashed. So please head on over to their fund raising page and donate as much as you can afford, the money will be heading of to Cancer Research UK. From my end the Kiwi Dollar to Sterling exchange rate isn’t that flash but I’ve done my best all the same. I would have stumped up another 20 if they were going to do it on a tandem instead of just joking about it but they will be wearing lycra after all.

To finish up I have a few observations about the picture in the post:

  • I leveraged this photo & the feature image from Mike & Olly’s charity page.
  • Mike claims that’s winter training but he’s not doing much training and it looks like Olly’s legged it.
  • Olly’s probably abandoned his wheels because it looks stupidly damp and cold.
  • This picture reminds me why I moved to ‘Sunny’ New Zealand.

So please share this all over the world wide web to help the lads & Cancer Research UK out.


PLM 360 | Is Your Existing Management System Losing Money?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that my PLM kick isn’t quite over. Yes we’re still on top of the Autodesk manufacturing industry, but I need to get through all this PLM stuff that’s trying to get out of my head.

I was performing a simplified cost analysis of a company’s existing management system, compared to the capabilities offered by PLM 360, as they relate to searching alone. This was important to me because I’m the poor bastard that often has to do all the seemingly complex data search tasks that no one else wants.

Existing ‘Not So Free’ System

Autodesk PLM 360 vs Time Many companies refer to their existing management system as a free system. Most of us use Microsoft Office products such as Outlook, Excel, and so on to do many project management tasks. Since we still need email and Excel for other purposes, and still have to purchase the licenses, the cataloguing expenses can be seen as essentially nil. Well, that’s not exactly true.

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PLM 360 | Everything Comes Into Focus

Big Fat Disclaimer: This article deals with certain predictions that are a result of the opinion of the author. Autodesk, Inc. does not indicate their 3 and 5 year plans, and obviously did not cough this information up.

The Future of Autodesk Fusion 360 on PLM

Let me start by saying that I love PLM 360 more every day, and the new PLM 360 foundation is a powerful idea, and a great step in the right direction for the future engineering products at Autodesk.

PLM 360 is currently only a container and manipulator of data. That’s it. Given enough love, it can turn an inefficient system of data management into a support tool that will increase efficiency of any business. Scott and I went to Autodesk University to discuss with the product teams and decision makers, how the company will shape this product in the near future, to see how others have adopted the product, and the possibilities for its implementation. The following is not only about PLM 360, but what that platform is transforming into in the years to come.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Many Autodesk product-using professionals have for some time voiced concerns and desires about the tools that they use daily. There are a few things that you might be surprised to hear have been noticed, and are being addressed:

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What is PLM/PDM Worth to You?

image I’m using Autodesk’s PLM 360 every day, and looking forward to having everything I care about managed through its potential. This is however only one opinion of a guy who has been coding for years and has built more than one database. Customization is simply a matter of time and strategy, and we don’t need many seats.

What do you need?

During a few discussions and a good amount of research, I have noticed a wide range or potential for managed data, and an equal amount of concern by users of PLM software over varying issues. What I’ve seen the most of recently was:

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