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Civil 3D | 2012 New Feature Highlights Part 2

Autodesk AEC Division unveils many of Civil 3D’s best new features. Check out Part 2 of the the highlights for the second half of the new features webcast.Continue Reading

Civil 3D | Do you use Civil 3D for As-Built data?

Civil 3D is the king of the hill for Civil Design, and can develop elegant and detailed construction plans. Using Objects provided by the application, such as Surfaces, Pipes, Structures, Gradings, etc, revisions that would have taken a week can be performed in a day’s time. I did say ‘can be’. However, what happens afterContinue Reading

Civil 3D – Pipe Structure dragging and elevations changes

When Dragging Pipe Network Structures you may notice that the Rim Elevation Changes. Sure the Rim elevation will change if set to Surface elevations, but they can change even if the Rim elevation is set manually. In this example, I was cleaning up an as-built utility plan. I already had the Rim and Sump elevationContinue Reading

Civil 3D – Existing Pipe Network Tip

We often do not create any Pipe Networks to represent the existing utility mains in a project.  There is usually limited information on the correct depth of the utilities, even with a utility spot.  The best we can hope for is to draw the main in the plan view based on paint markings, and drawContinue Reading

Civil 3D – 2010 Pipe Network Label BUG

NOTE: I have revisited this issue and article 4 times over now.  I am rewriting this…again…, but the images are old because I don’t have time to cut new ones.  I hope the article is still understandable. I needed a fast certificate of completion letter, and the drawing to go with it.  I’ll just throwContinue Reading

Civil 3D – Part Builder Part 7

Back to Part Builder Part 6 In the last session we created the Structures in the Civil 3D environment.  In this session we will modify the configuration to add the slopes to a list, in order to change the structure to be consistent with the corridor side slope. Open up Wingwall Sloped in Part Builder. Continue Reading