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Civil 3D – Part Builder Context Solution Part 2

Part Builder Context Solution Part 1 Ok, at last, the end of the journey.  We covered getting the model values out of an existing part.  The remaining issue lies with what to do now that we have a mandatory context added to the structure type.  Each time we create a new form of that structureContinue Reading

Civil 3D – Part Builder Context Solution Part 1

I stated previously that David Neill gave me an idea.  A simple switch that had not been useful previously.  The problem was that I had just not returned to it after so many new ideas.  Thanks David!!  I guess collaboration works huh. It took a while.  I had beaten this up over and over.  IContinue Reading

Civil 3D – Revised Part Builder News

Ok, whew! We did it. After weeks of rework the custom parameters have been introduced and now stay put!  We have ranges and lists without error. We…. I say we, because my new associate, David Neill, was working it at the same time. He suggested reintroducing an old issue into the new arrangement of edits.Continue Reading

Civil 3D – Part Builder Comments Please

Ok, Part Builder is not easy. Evan with a tutorial and a workflow, it’s still not easy. There is at least 1 person in the community that has had trouble with the series outcome.  I need to know how everyone did. Good, Bad, and otherwise.  Please offer us your comments. If there is a bugContinue Reading

Civil 3D – Part Builder Part 7

Back to Part Builder Part 6 In the last session we created the Structures in the Civil 3D environment.  In this session we will modify the configuration to add the slopes to a list, in order to change the structure to be consistent with the corridor side slope. Open up Wingwall Sloped in Part Builder. Continue Reading

Civil 3D – Part Builder Part 6

Back to Part 5 Backup your model Before we begin, I seriously and strenuously suggest you back up your model.  Don’t do the saveas (which is fine I suppose), but instead use Windows explorer to copy the .DWG and .XML files to a backup location. The VISTA path to these items is C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\C3D 2009\enu\Pipes Catalog\USContinue Reading