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Simulation Mechanical | Adjust Inventor Parameters

Did you know that you can control Inventor Parameters directly within Autodesk Simulation Mechanical 2013? John takes at how this works, and what happens when you use it.Continue Reading

Inventor on roids! CAD and Excel have never worked this well together

Gavin Bath gives us all a lesson in awesomeness. YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS AMAZING USE OF iLOGIC and embedded Excel spreadsheets, and how it closes the design loop, providing engineers with real-time feedback on key aspects of their design. (This ain’t your typical spreadsheet link, this thing is brilliant)Continue Reading

Direct Modeling VS. Parametric debate continues

Bill Fane moderated a recent discussion titled “Cad Smackdown – Direct vs. Parametric Modeling”, that, as he put it, was not intended as a debate of one’s benefit over the other, but a realistic discussion of the two paradigms as a whole.  There was very little pitting capabilities of platforms against each other, and didContinue Reading

Inventor | Multi-Body Concept Sketching without Constraints

Here’s a simple and quick idea to consider next time you are beating out an initial concept. Use the awesome capabilities of Multi-body modeling to create separate components in an assembly, but don’t add Dimensional or Geometric constraints…yet. Look, let’s say you’re having trouble working some details out in your mind. You want to startContinue Reading

Inventor – Top Down Design and Manufacturing Limitations

All Manufacturing methods and materials have limitations. See how you can use your Top Down Design to distribute adaptable parametersContinue Reading

Inventor – Top Down Design and Passing Parameters

See why Parameters are at the heart of Top-Down Design, and some general points for new implementation
Updated July 14thContinue Reading