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What’s New in Autodesk Simulation Products for 2015


Autodesk Simulation Products for 2015Autodesk has been working on their Simulation products both in the cloud and on desktop platforms.

This year’s lineup will include:

  • Autodesk Simulation Mechanical
  • Autodesk Simulation CFD
  • Autodesk Simulation Moldflow
  • Autodesk Simulation Composite Design
  • Autodesk Simulation Composite Analysis
  • Autodesk Robot and Structural Analysis
  • Autodesk Simulation 360

The changes to the products vary, and the following is simply a highlight of the big ticket items. We’ll go into more usability and performance enhancements in detail as product specific information becomes available in the weeks to come.

Autodesk Simulation Portfolio for 2015

Autodesk Simulation Mechanical

  • Decoupled design scenarios
  • Asynchronous workflows with Solver Manager
  • Non-Linear contact manager
  • Usability Enhancements in Linear Dynamics
  • Free Surface Models

Autodesk Simulation CFD

  • Advanced turbulence models
  • Simplified heat sink models
  • Refrigerant phase change

Autodesk Simulation Moldflow

  • Microchip encapsulation
  • Enhanced Speed and accuracy with Linux Support
  • Gate freeze accuracy improvements
  • Warpage and overmolding capabilities
  • Conformal Cooling Channel analysis with Simulation CFD

Autodesk Simulation 360

  • Thermal Stress derived from CFD results

Autodesk Simulation Composite

The announcement  of Autodesk’s purchase of Firehole Composites isn’t really news, but this is the first release cycle that the products have been featured in, so we are listing them here.

The Helius: Composite Pro product is featured as Autodesk Simulation Composite Design and gives users the ability to design simple structures and receive basic structural feedback without having to perform laborious hand calculations and approximate material constants.

Their Helius: MCT now becomes Autodesk Simulation Composite Analysis and offers a more complete and comprehensive analysis tool that includes my favorite addition: delamination prediction.

Don’t forget to check out Scott’s Product and Factory Design Suite changes for 2015.

Images shown hereon were furnished by Autodesk, Inc.

Autodesk Product & Factory Design Suite 2015 Released

Autodesk 2015 Product & Factory Design Suites Marketing WheelWe had a bit of fun last month with Mike’s post ‘Which Products will be in Autodesk’s 2015 Suites’, which stirred up some discussion, but the buck stops with today. Autodesk have announced new for 2015, Digital Prototyping software releases for the Manufacturing, Architecture, Engineering & Construction industry segments. Once again Suites and their makeup are a strong point of focus with respect to how they are enabling customers to get to market faster, cheaper, more reliably & generally just knocking out better stuff. The manufacturing design suites aren’t just about Product & Factory Design Suites, but also the related data management and simulation offerings Autodesk have. The 2015 product line brings those bang up to date with some dramatic changes across the board.

“Our suites provide designers and engineers with a complete set of tools and cloud services that allow them to simplify design, visualization and simulation workflows from product development through delivery,” said Robert “Buzz” Kross, senior vice president, Design, Lifecycle and Simulation at Autodesk.  “By offering solutions that are scalable, cost effective and open, our customers have the opportunity to design, manufacture and sell great products.”

Autodesk haven’t mentioned anything about which products will be in the Suites yet, other than an interesting change for the Product Design Suite. So in that regard I suppose they are just going to surprise their customers when they get access to their downloads. Worryingly, this screams there is controversy ahead to me. I’m tempted to speculate, but I might get in trouble, so I can’t. Anyway I digress….

Design and Motion will be bringing you a series of posts covering the new features in the core products within the suites over the next few days and coming weeks. Here are a few right off the bat:

AutoCAD 2015 Announced – Whats New?

Scotty, MText Me Up!

Autodesk Inventor 2015 Released – Whats New? T-Splines?

What’s new in Autodesk Simulation 2015 products?

Autodesk Vault 2015

Vault Professional 2015′s Item Master is ‘da BOM’!

Still to come….

More AutoCAD goodness from Mike.

Suite news as it becomes apparent.

Product Design Suite

“We understand that customers today don’t have a single homogeneous environment. Inventor is one of the best tools on the market today, when it comes to interoperability with other 3d tools and solutions, and being able to make changes to that geometry. You can actually do full manipulation of imported geometry with Direct Edit tool within Product Design Suite 2015.” – Jeff Wymer, Senior Industry Manager, Manufacturing

The big change here is Autodesk Product Design Suite Standard has been discontinued! All those PrDS Standard customers are being upgraded to Product Design Suite Premium. Which means those who elected to upgrade from AutoCAD 2 years ago, scored basic Inventor last year & look to be gaining Inventor Professional this year. So one would assume then, PrDS Premium seats will now be upgraded to PrDS Ultimate.

I wonder if there will be any casualties here? Will Mudbox finally be removed from the Suite? How about Alias in the Ultimate Suite? Will those Ultimate seats get any compensation for having their asset value watered down by the upgrade of Premium seats to Ultimate? Maybe Autodesk will lower the Ultimate subs rate to match the Premium subs rate of yesteryear? Time will tell.

Anyway, there is some very solid stuff appearing in this years PrDS, a lot of what I can bring up here is covered in Gavin’s Inventor What’s New post. So I will just share some pretty pictures highlighting an overview of the new goodies:


Autodesk Inventor 2015 Freeform T-Spine Seat

Autodesk Product Design Suite 2015 Freeform TrailerFreeform tools provide an alternate modeling approach to explore and create freeform shaped models.

Direct/History free modelling

Autodesk Product Design Suite 2015 Direct Edit FlangeThe new Direct Editing tool lets users easily manipulate native or imported geometry and parametrically move, size, rotate, and delete imported solid models or native Inventor files.

Improved Start Up & Learning Experience

Autodesk Inventor 2015 Home Tab

Autodesk PrDS 2015 Learning ExperienceWhile I’m far from impressed with the first version of the Home Tab shown above, I do REALLY like the learning paths including the continuation and expansion of the interactive tutorials. These really are a nice & modern touch for first time users. Hopefully this is a solid indication of where Autodesk are going with this new Home tab experience.

Factory Design Suite

Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2015 Themes

Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2015 Point CloudsAccess point cloud tools more easily with Autodesk ReCap.

Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2015 FDS BOMThe new Bill of Materials command on the Factory ribbon in Inventor software allows users to quickly create, edit and process a list of equipment used in factory layout.

Autodesk Factory Design Suite 2015 Process Analysis 360This is an interesting addition to the Factory Design Suite in my opinion. I’m really looking forward to taking it for a spin, but I hope it’s indicative of a future direction for the Autodesk Suites…. Core software is Desktop based, with Cloud based power tools which take advantage of server farms & collaboration where appropriate. That would mean only snippets of IP would be exposed to the Cloud, while maintaining ultimate control inside your firewall or within your private Cloud.


Other than the doubt about which products will actually be in the Suites (due to no announcement at this point) and the heavy focus on Inventor’s new features being pivotal to the Suite story this year, it does look rather promising. There are some great new features in Inventor & AutoCAD for that matter, but once again Factory Design Suite is the stand out, it’s workflows are maturing nicely and it’s increasingly becoming an excellent product to work with…. we just need some AutoCAD Electrical love in there please Autodesk.

I’ve been using Inventor 2015 for a while now as a Beta product, and I miss it whenever I step back to 2014. There are some stunning new tools in the sketch environment, which translate to huge productivity gains & if you do have to perform any rework, the new tools really help you out. I just can’t wait to get my hands dirty and start tying everything together across the products. FDS, iLogic, Vault Data Standard, PLM, 360 & even Microsoft Office 365. It’s a Geeky exciting world out there & 2014 is shaping up brilliantly.

You will start to see products appearing for download in Subscription Center from now & over the next week. AutoCAD 2015 is already there & so is Autodesk Vault 2015.

Thanks for reading guys


Based on this image released by InventorTopix there are some big losses in the Product Design Suite:

Showcase removed from Product Design Suite 2015So that means the following applications have been removed from the Product Design Suite:

  • Alias Design is gone from Product Design Suite Ultimate
  • Autodesk Showcase has been removed from all the suites
  • Autodesk Sketchbook Designer has been removed from all the suites
  • Autodesk Mudbox (as predicted) has been removed from all the suites.

To compensate for that, the buy price of each suite has been reduced & so has the price of the standalone products (which may mean the subscription costs will go down as well). I wonder if there will be similarly dramatic changes with the Factory Design Suite?

Also I would put good money on Showcase 360 making an appearance sometime soon, with access via Cloud Credits, which if you are on Subscription you will have a chunk of included with your Suite. Soooo it may end up working out. Again, time will tell.

I can also confirm that Autodesk Showcase 2014 WILL NOT import Inventor 2015 parts & assemblies.Inventor 2015 to Showcase 2014 import failureMake sure you politely express any frustrations you have with your Reseller, there may be something they can work out with Autodesk. You never know, power to the people & all that. It’s possible they made this decision based on CIP data, how many opt out of that? User interface changes are based on CIP data, so if you want to make sure your input counts, be sure to opt in for CIP.

Most of the Images shown hereon were furnished by Autodesk, Inc.


Autodesk Simulation Event at Destin Florida

Autodesk Simulation Panhandle FloridaThe Autodesk Simulation team is providing a simulation seminar in Destin, Florida, and will likely represent the first time the team has come within 100 miles of the area. The event will be held on Thursday, February 20th, 2014 at Regatta Bay Country Club starting at 12:00 hours (That’s noon for the uninitiated).


Regatta Bay Country Club

Members Lounge Conference Room

465 Regatta Bay Blvd.

Destin, FL 32541

The event is hosted by the Emerald Coast Autodesk Users Group. Tickets are provided through the following link:

Autodesk Completes Purchase of Delcam

imageAutodesk announced today that it has completed the purchase of Delcam, the UK based Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technology developer hosting 700 employees. This follows the announcement in November 2013 that the company intended to do so, but with very little information available. Attempts to get more information at Autodesk University 2013 were met with whispers and secrecy.

The purchase terms include £20.75 per share, which translates to approximately  £172.5 million. The company noted that the purchase, with largely back end administrative alterations will not change Delcam’s processes, and will not disrupt Delcam’s product development. Their reseller and support channels will continue to operate as a separate subsidiary, which should relieve many concerned about the end of a great company.

“Autodesk brings to Delcam increased financial strength, unparalleled expertise in design, and a long history of making technology accessible to broad audiences. Through sharing our technology and expertise, this transaction will transform industries and improve how the world is designed and made,” said Clive Martell, Delcam chief executive officer. “By maintaining the basic structure of Delcam’s business, Autodesk is reflecting its trust in and respect for Delcam’s solutions, leadership and organization, and we are excited to come together and further the vision, development and implementation of technology for digital manufacturing.”

“The acquisition of Delcam is an important step in Autodesk’s continued expansion into manufacturing and fabrication and beyond our roots in design. Together with Delcam we look forward to accelerating the development of a more comprehensive Digital Prototyping solution and delivering a better manufacturing experience,” said Buzz Kross, senior vice president for Design, Lifecycle and Simulation products. “We welcome the Delcam employees, customers, partners and community to Autodesk.”

Purchase Motivations

Carl White, CAM product Manager at Autodesk, and Clive Martell (Delcam) answered questions during a press conference today. The bulk of the discussion centered around the purchase motivation and sharing of technologies. Carl White noted that while Autodesk had recently purchased HSMWorks for their well integrated CAM product, that Delcam had a well established basis in CAM, a foothold in manufacturing of orthotics, a great user base, and new technologies being developed. He went on to say that another very positive aspect of Delcam’s company is their sales and support channel.

“It’s easy to sell CAM products, but it’s not so easy to provide quality support” .

Delcam already has a great customer base and provides its own support in numerous languages.

Clive Martell responded in kind, and went on to note the advantages of their involvement with Autodesk, which were among other things, a very large portfolio, their resources, and broad audience.

Sharing Delcam Technology with Autodesk Products

A very popular question was brought up, about how Autodesk intends on distributing the goods to it’s existing client base. I guess we do all have our arms outstretched and hands wide open – “Please Uncle Carl, may I have another?”. Carl White noted that there is much interest in the topic of distributing some of these technologies. “There are certainly algorithms that could be used to enhance things. Tool libraries are another area of interest, as well as Tri-Brid modeling (Delcam’s CAD modeling based on Solid / Surface / Triangle).” It was further noted that such benefits would happen over the long term, and not the short term.


Press Conference notes


Design for Morgan Motors Contest Extended

Design for Morgan Motors ContestThe “Design for Morgan Motor Company” contest entry period has been extended. Talenthouse will be accepting submissions until March 26, 2014. What does that mean for you?

More chances to win cash and prizes including:

  • $5000 USD
  • HP ZBook 17 Mobile Workstation ($4400 Retail)
  • Winning submission featured in various outlets
  • Second place and popular vote prizes include:
  • HP Z1 all-in-one workstations
  • HP ZBook 15 Mobile Workstation

It’s So Simple!

A rendering of their model in a new advertisement page. You render it; add a catchy ad theme, and submit. Yes, it’s that simple. If you enter, you might just win. Your ad will become part of their new ad campaign, and you get the cash and prizes too.

Check out the rules and requirements by clicking on the ad at the top of this post.

Intel Edison Preview and 123D Circuits

The announcement of the final acquisition of came along-side more wonderful news from Autodesk. Intel will share the circuit design from Edison with Autodesk users to be shared on 123D Circuits.

Intel Edison

Intel announced a brand new technological advance with a wireless capable computer stored in the form of an SD-card. The unit is being touted as the next solution to wearable computing. Edison is built on the Quark core and chipset; which was unveiled by Intel CEO Bryan Krzanich at the 2013 Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco last year. According to an Intel representative, Quark is aimed at markets where power consumption and form factor take priority.

Intel Edison based on Quark  Intel Edison based on Quark

While the term ‘wearable’ is quite irritating, the SD card platform and possibilities thereof are quite amazing. The little chip comes with dual-core 22nm 400MHz Quark SOC (System on a chip). The complete x86 architecture based computer can run the Linux OS, and includes:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wolfram language
  • Wolfram based Mathmatica computing
  • LPDDR2 and NAND flash storage
  • A wide array of flexible and expandable I/O capabilities

Mike Bell, Intel’s Vice President and General Manager for Intel’s New Devices Group noted that “Pairing Wolfram Language—the foundation of Wolfram’s initiative to apply sophisticated computation everywhere, in a universally accessible way—with Intel Edison is a significant advance for the future of embedded computation and the Internet of Things”

During Krzanich’s keynote presentation, he showcased the Mimo Kimono, part of Mimo’s baby monitoring technology built on the Edison platform.  This monitor’s various behavior’s of the baby, and connects the data to a monitoring solution, such as the app shown below for the iPhone.

Mimo baby monitor based on Intel Edison

Additionally, they set up a bottle warmer that started as the baby began to stir. These are simply two very small possibilities for the Edison platform.

Edison on 123D Circuits

If there was a really hopeful announcement, I think this was it.

This new technology being shared on 123D Circuits will provide a free template for anyone starting an electronics project. I think that sharing Edison there will not only attract a lot of new potential to 123D Circuits, but will spark a lot of new ideas and approaches from inventors and thinkers that might have felt that electronic design was beyond their scope of capability.

Nevertheless, I do have some questions beyond the grand scheme of things:

  • Will the programmable interface on 123D Circuits be specifically for coding the Wolfram platform?
  • Will Autodesk implement additional simulation UI to go beyond the breadboard?

The 123D Circuit’s new breadboard interface is nice, however I am interested to see what the Autodesk will do to visualize the simulation of transmitted data via Bluetooth and WiFi. Perhaps a WiFi breadboard of sorts? That would help users (very much like me), whom have some understanding of DC circuitry, but lack the key understanding of WiFi transmission technology.

Imagine how simple it could be:

  • Designing a physical solution to form fit into a need, with all the hardware available in both schematic and virtual form.
  • Coding the solution to direct the calculations and IO
  • Testing it inside and out, within a virtual platform
  • Pressing the build button to have it manufactured
  • Sliding the Edison into your SD card interface, and sending the code to the chipset
  • Insert the coded Edison into the manufactured solution that just arrived in the mail

I’m not saying it won’t need tweaking, but even the concept alone is so promising. I really hope it becomes that simple.

References and Links

Images and information were gathered from Autodesk as well as these sources:

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