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Design using Autodesk Fusion 360 – Part 2

Fusion 360 savant Gus Petrikas takes us on part 2 of his ride through the T-Spline design journey leading to this excellent wrist phone concept.Continue Reading

Design using Autodesk Fusion 360 – Part 1

Check out how Gus Petrikas used Autodesk Fusion 360 to design a concept all-in-one wrist smart device.Continue Reading

Autodesk CAM | Interview with Carl White and Anthony Graves

After saying that the company would not enter the CAM market, Autodesk purchased HSMWorks for their own CAM platform? John talks with Carl White and Anthony Graves about what is going on at Autodesk Manufacturing.Continue Reading

AU 2012 | Design and Motion Classes

Right oh, its approaching that time of year again, when the lucky get to go to Autodesk University in Las Vegas and the unlucky get to sit at home and ignore their social media feeds for fear of being over come with jealousy and hatred. Well… I’m delighted to say I’m one of the luckyContinue Reading

Autodesk Labs | Great Titles

Looking for something new, something really cool, or just need some more solving power for analysis? It’s probably on Autodesk Labs. Check out these free tools on the Autodesk labs site.Continue Reading

Project Simulus | Autodesk Unreal New Simulation Environment

John gets to talk about his new cloud computing dream toy. The only thing hotter than this is Elizabeth Hurley in a plaid mini-skirt.Continue Reading