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GrabCAD Workbench just got a lot smarter…

Today was an exciting day. I’ve been following the development of over the past year or two and they keep impressing me. I’ve always been excited by companies that diversify in unpredictable, but sensible directions. GrabCAD is one of these. Starting out as an online CAD file sharing platform, they broke the mold in theContinue Reading

What’s up with AutoCAD Mechanical? – Part 1

Design and Motion now has an AutoCAD Mechanical savant in our midst. Mike introduces the first part in a series of posts on where AutoCAD Mechnical fits into the Autodesk Product line. If you are going to Autodesk University this year, make sure you sign up for his class on the same topic. For the non AutoCAD fans, if anyone can make AutoCAD heaps of fun Mike can.Continue Reading

Inventor | Get your view labels back in whack

Any Autodesk Inventor user who has spent time creating drawings will be familiar with the frustrations of non-sequential identifiers for view labels. You know what I’m talking about; you create a few views, delete one or two, create a few more and so on and so on. Then you have to go back through allContinue Reading

So you’ve got Windows 8 – What now?

Scott shares his experience of migrating to Windows 8 providing some top tips and guidance to help speed up getting comfortable with this game changing OS.Continue Reading

Collaboration | AutoCAD WS vs Design Review Part 2 – Conclusion

Scott concludes his AutoCAD WS vs Design Review analysis with this blog post.Continue Reading

Collaboration | AutoCAD WS vs Design Review Part 1

Scott Moyse takes a look at why Autodesk are concurrently developing two Design Review applications for the Cloud & Mobile computing.Continue Reading