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DIY CNC Machining from Scratch | The Electronics

In this post, the 2nd in a series, Gavin takes us through the steps he went through to design and build the electronics system for his DIY CNC mill conversion.Continue Reading

Morgan Motor Company Ad Competition Public Voting

The Design & Motion team try to pick the winner of the Morgan Motor Company Ad Competition community vote. Do they have it or not? Will Gus get the prize? Stop in and tell everyone who you voted for, and if the fellas have the winner picked.Continue Reading

Morgan 3 Wheeler Advert Competition – Final Call!

It’s the final countdown, we have a summary of all the information we have provided so far, so there really is no excuse to get an entry in. You still have time!Continue Reading

FORE! CFD just went mainstream

Design & Motion interview Luke Mihelcic to find out some of the nitty gritty surrounding Autodesk’s latest simulation tool, Autodesk Flow Design. Both John & Scott conducted this one simultaneously, which Luke took in his stride but the result was a lot of fun, we hope you enjoy.Continue Reading

Max Morgan! A Minimalist Guide to rendering in 3ds Max

This is the first time Peter has written for Design and Motion. He has contributed in the background a few times, but he lands on our pages with a BANG hooking up our readers with an excellent rip, shit & bust tutorial showing how easy it is to knock out a photorealistic rendering for the Morgan 3 Wheeler Ad design competition. 3ds Max is an intimidating beast the first time you launch it, Peter’s tutorial cuts through all of that. Enjoy!Continue Reading

Design for Morgan Motors Contest Extended

The Morgan Motors ad contest had been extended. More chances to win cash and computers, get your submission in.Continue Reading