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Vault – Renaming Computer hazard

Ok, I blew it.  I recently had a fight with my domain server, and lost.  I ended up renaming my computer to work around it.  It’s never been a problem in the past.  Well, at least I didn’t realize it was. ADMS is getting its content from an SQL server on a site.  That siteContinue Reading

Inventor – 2010 The install that just won’t give in

Having trouble with Autodesk Inventor Installation? Check out some of my woes and recomendations, they just might thelp you out.Continue Reading

Publish Content for Bolted Connection Part 4

Content Center Family Editing We need to change some settings in the Content Center Family just written.  Navigate through he Content Center Editor to the new Family.  Right Click, and select the Family Table option.  The family parameters dialog will appear.  The following are examples that I used, however you will undoubtedly have differences andContinue Reading

Publish Content for Bolted Connection Part 3

Content Center Category Review We need do some snooping.  We need to know where we are publishing the content.  The Countersunk Bolts Category is our target.  It would be ideal to publish our content to the sub category of ‘Wood Screws’ but alas, this cannot be.  You see the Design Accelerator has a limitation (I’veContinue Reading

Inventor – Publish Content for Bolted Connection Part 2

Back to Part 1 iPart iParts are method of creating Library Contents for similar parts. When you create an iPart, a table is placed in the part, that will contain the individual members of the library.  These members are contained in rows of the table, with the key differences edited for each member. The tableContinue Reading

Inventor – Publish Content for Bolted Connection Part 1

Read the Introduction The first thing that needs to be completed is kind of the core to this process. Thread.xls Normally we would begin in an assembly file, but for this exercise we need to go mess around with Autodesk’s artwork.  We need to edit the Thread.xls file.  You see, the Bolted Connection Generator asContinue Reading