Design and Manufacturing solutions through Digital Prototyping and Interoperability

John Evans Design

imageJohn Evans Design provides custom design services as well as Autodesk product support. With a wide range of industry experience JED is able to deliver reliable designs that fit your needs and your manufacturing and assembly processes. Attention to detail and project communication are at the core of the operation.

JED specializes in product development that fits very specific criteria and overcomes numerous design challenges. The company has developed products specified to order from towable vehicles and carriers, to aerospace and automotive components.

JED provides Autodesk software support customized for your particular needs and processes. Services from training, documentation, as well as process troubleshooting are available.

JED has 20 years experience in design, aviation, maintenance, fabrication, and machine tool operations. Whether it’s a new product design that’s needed, or looking for better results from the products you already have, JED is guarantees quality and outstanding performance.

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John Evans Design is quite dedicated to its customers and considers those relationships to be a large part of its success.  JED is proud to have served the growing list of firms:

KnowledgeSmart   Tekni Consulting  Rinder